August 2017.

That’s when I got the notion to get into beekeeping. After watching others who were already in it, I decided that it was something I could get into, unlike my previous ideas of raising cows, goats, or chickens–all of which I rejected.

Now, not only had I never done anything like this before, but worse–I hate being in the sun for long. Everyone knows this, so the idea of me hovering over a box of buzzing bees in 40 C degree weather was…well, laughable…to a lot of people.

Fast forward to today.

With his help and the apiary management services of Damalie Baker (D. Beez Honey), I’ve now got 7 hives and have harvested my first couple gallons of honey, 5 months later.

The aim is to have 20 hives by December 2018, and honey for sale all year round by 2019!



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Pre-Order Honey

Place an order and be the first to get your all-natural honey during the season! Quantities are limited and in high demand, so first come, first serve.

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Have questions about the apiary, bees, or honey availability? Let me know here!


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